Blast from the Past Retrograde Video

Well I'm trying to catch up from the last 6 to 7 weeks. Actually I'm trying to catch up from the last time Mercury came out of retrograde. Felt like I was shot out of a cannon.
It just so happens as it does with transits that I'm going back to the last couple months reviewing things. Paying bills, putting things up for sale and going through my photographs and videos. One of the videos I'm posting a link to on my YouTube channel. Careful of Volume. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Hit the Button!

The video I did at Norwac on the Sunday morning of the conference. I was very busy and was trying to sneak in multiple small videos during weekend but I only had time to do one. I was in the very sleepy space. Don't think I had enough protein at that moment. By the way Champagne is not protein.
The video has some audio challenges so careful with your ears at some points. Back to retrograde musings.

Along with the eclipses that we're in the middle of and Mercury retrograde I think what is been forgotten is the Venus Transit. At This point Venus is moving closer and closer to the Sun. I actually think this is one of the major transits of the month of July. Not saying that eclipses do not have their effects. The effects eclipses can have just depend on the chart of an individual. I've heard some amazing stories in the last 2 weeks from people who do have cardinal angles in their chart or multiple Cardinal planets. Stories that are positive. So don't believe everything you hear about eclipses being hard times. Yes there are some people who are having hard times. You just never hear about people who are having amazing life-altering situations in their life that coincide with the eclipses.

Back to Venus. It is moving towards and eventually behind the Sun. (Superior Conjunction Aug 13th in Leo) Only to the start her seventh month cycle rising as an evening star. To be reborn into the Darkness. That's HOT.
That evening star cycle ends June 2020....when Venus in Gemini will be Retrograde. Just like in 2012.

Well I have some errands to run and some laundry to do. Supplements to take and some noise making knob twisting music to make. You know there's a lot going on in the world. It feels and seems like do or die.

But if we're going to be honest about this all you have to do is look back into history . Do or Die is life. Ebb and flow. Tension and release. IT’S LIFE. It's just now with technology and social media we hear panic and that panic is on a virtual megaphone 24 hours a day. It doesn't have to be. I'm not trying to discredit some of the challenges that people are going through in this world. But there always has been challenges. if I were to prescribe something in this post today. It would be something to do with Venus. Take care of your senses. And indulge them in a different way. I guess what I mean is change shit up. There is a subtle world of mystery out there and if you put your hand on your chest that mystery is inside there too. Take a break wherever you need to. Let nature take its course. Just like Venus.. being in a sense broken down and torn apart at the base core of the sun. Try that with your senses.