Smell. See. Hear. Touch. Taste.

Many of us live busy lives. We have our own stories. Some Walk alone and have aspirations in their career part of their life. Actually it becomes their life . Many have children and families and do what they can to support that life. This has been a constant for a long time in our existence. Whatever Life we are living , here in the present.. in this Western technological revolution that's been happening for the last 50 years. We find ourselves running around with an infinite to do list. It never ends. it defines ourselves. Wishing we had more "time". Ones and zeros dominate our world. Has brought us advantages. And I will say disadvantages. In my client work and talking to to friends... And strangers.. I have seen how the disadvantages have played out. We are glued to screens. Glued to the apps and programs that have brought us some of those advantages but really have taken us away from our Natural interaction with our five senses. This is my opinion of course but HEAR me on this one.
We've entered the the birthday month of Taurus. Taurus who is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus who rules our senses and the harmonization of them. That's if our Senses are running optimally...
Go take a look at the title of my post again. We learn these words at a very young age at school. I want you to pretend that you're learning these words and the definitions behind them for the first time. After you do that I want you to try to experiment with each one of those words. You're doing one right now by the way. SEE.
But how pleasurable is that? Go through each one, each word and each sense.. Get off the phone or tablet or laptop... Smell the flowers... Smell the food cooking then TASTE it.... Smell the wind. Hear the music…Hear the Spring leaves…Touch the Ground…Touch your skin.. Re-engage and celebrate your senses my friends. Let them guide you. Lose yourself in the mysteries that your senses bring. It’s your Human Birth right. A Revolution.

Heard while scribing this post :