Sailing the Lost Seas of Communication

we’ve seen Planes Grounded. We have a President who has a past of not liking Boeing. Mr. Gemini President was waiting for a moment like this. Mercury Retrograde.
A complete shutdown of facebook and instagram today. “ Technical issues”. yes….It’s Mercury retrograde.
One of my favorite iOS music app companies can not get their new app approved by the Apple store. Is it a human decision or a algorithm? What have we created? Human and AI? which is which?
The day of the mercury station last week A video game company had to put a new game on hold because it was bricking Playstation 4’s. That day I received an email from a friend which was forwarded to me. There was no message. Asked him to send it again since there was nothing but the email addresses. After the 5th email he was frustrated as was I. Later he called me (old school) I told him and sent screen shots of the emails. no message body. Thats when he said there was NO message body , he was just sending so I could see the emails in the header. ???? mmm ok then. That’s Mercury Retrograde happening in the sign of Pisces. seeing Nothing and someone else seeing something else. Illusions. fantasy. run off sentences. unfinished thoughts. Plane mishaps. Things and Processes that deal from Point A to Point B…that are not flowing. REMEMBER this is a review process. after this Retrograde is done…think about what this review process is for and why.

One thing though..I’ve been making sounds on a synth and some apps. Losing myself for hours with Music. where does the time go when you are sailing lost seas? Where will one end up? Map? what map! Lets remember this day and degree in particular. 25 degrees Pisces. We will passover this degree again April 13th 2019.
In the Meantime (a great song by the band Helmet btw) We have Mercury with its merger with the Sun tomorrow March 14th. This is a day during the Retrograde cycle that can be used for clarity of thought and a healthy dose of losing form. of dream making. In the Heart of Sun..the Wings of mercury are burned to ashes. Pisces likes endings btw. You might not hear that from other astrologers. But it’s truth. The mystery that comes with losing ones self. or losing Wings…
April 2nd we have the second conjunction Of Mercury with Neptune at 17 degrees. Do me a favor that day:
find a writing utensil maybe some crayons and write yourself a love letter. TO YOU. I SEE YOU.

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