Blast from the Past Retrograde Video

Well I'm trying to catch up from the last 6 to 7 weeks. Actually I'm trying to catch up from the last time Mercury came out of retrograde. Felt like I was shot out of a cannon.
It just so happens as it does with transits that I'm going back to the last couple months reviewing things. Paying bills, putting things up for sale and going through my photographs and videos. One of the videos I'm posting a link to on my YouTube channel. Careful of Volume. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Hit the Button!

The video I did at Norwac on the Sunday morning of the conference. I was very busy and was trying to sneak in multiple small videos during weekend but I only had time to do one. I was in the very sleepy space. Don't think I had enough protein at that moment. By the way Champagne is not protein.
The video has some audio challenges so careful with your ears at some points. Back to retrograde musings.

Along with the eclipses that we're in the middle of and Mercury retrograde I think what is been forgotten is the Venus Transit. At This point Venus is moving closer and closer to the Sun. I actually think this is one of the major transits of the month of July. Not saying that eclipses do not have their effects. The effects eclipses can have just depend on the chart of an individual. I've heard some amazing stories in the last 2 weeks from people who do have cardinal angles in their chart or multiple Cardinal planets. Stories that are positive. So don't believe everything you hear about eclipses being hard times. Yes there are some people who are having hard times. You just never hear about people who are having amazing life-altering situations in their life that coincide with the eclipses.

Back to Venus. It is moving towards and eventually behind the Sun. (Superior Conjunction Aug 13th in Leo) Only to the start her seventh month cycle rising as an evening star. To be reborn into the Darkness. That's HOT.
That evening star cycle ends June 2020....when Venus in Gemini will be Retrograde. Just like in 2012.

Well I have some errands to run and some laundry to do. Supplements to take and some noise making knob twisting music to make. You know there's a lot going on in the world. It feels and seems like do or die.

But if we're going to be honest about this all you have to do is look back into history . Do or Die is life. Ebb and flow. Tension and release. IT’S LIFE. It's just now with technology and social media we hear panic and that panic is on a virtual megaphone 24 hours a day. It doesn't have to be. I'm not trying to discredit some of the challenges that people are going through in this world. But there always has been challenges. if I were to prescribe something in this post today. It would be something to do with Venus. Take care of your senses. And indulge them in a different way. I guess what I mean is change shit up. There is a subtle world of mystery out there and if you put your hand on your chest that mystery is inside there too. Take a break wherever you need to. Let nature take its course. Just like Venus.. being in a sense broken down and torn apart at the base core of the sun. Try that with your senses.

NORWAC 2019 human necessities

Hello. You are excited yes? Ready to talk shop with 400 plus Astrologers? From Pluto in Leo to Pluto in Sagittarius. Many generations will attend so make sure to mingle with those from different generations. You would be surprised what your learn from them. Anyway here goes.

This a rough guide of places around the hotel. When you are looking at your Maps app do not be deceived by how close a certain place will be. These are long strip mall blocks. Remember you will have minimal time during the conference. Your lunch break will go by fast. The time in between the last daily lecture and the dinner lecture gives you more time to eat, rest, walk etc. At the same time you do not have to ATTEND every single lecture slot. I know I know.. you paid for the conference travelled all the way to a area outside of Seattle. But remember to check yourself. If you need to miss a lecture to rest or eat? It’s ok. If you need to hide out in your room for a bit…DO IT. Astrology conferences are an amazing experience! SO much talking ..all the information absorption coupled with lack of sleep or forgetting to eat will throw you off. Find your pace.

Pho Tai This strip Mall area is next to the hotel. It has several eating establishments.

Nothing fancy. PHO bowls. warm your belly. easy. My secret is the Bánh mì sandwiches. 5.50-6.00. Can be ordered to go. Meat and Tofu options. Good size. Nice people. They also have Spring rolls that are around the same price. Plus the regular menu. Have some time? Next door is a bookstore….just to let you know I already bought the good astro books! ;) PLUS The Bookstore at NORWAC is HEAVEN. I’ll be working there. You need a cheap extra bag for all the books you will buy? In the same strip mall is a thrift store called Value Village.

Simply Thai
To the right of hotel is the best Thai place in the area. Many Veterans of Norwac know of this place. Prices are what you would expect. Dishes starting at 9.00. Can be pricey BUT it’s enough for two meals. Cool thing about this place: the booths and tables are big so having lunch or dinner with Fellow Mutable and Fire signs makes things easier. They need their space.
OH BTW it’s next to a Sex toy shop.
There is a Chevron gas station next door to this area. They have the typical quick fixes in the cases. Water, sugar and more sugar. Speaking of Sugar if you can have it and gluten the Hotel has secret warm cookies behind the counter.

It looks close to the hotel and it is…But in reality you can not cut through the parking lot. You must walk around. 7-9 min. Plus you will need a walk and frsh air. There is a CVS close to it also. There is some food here but don’t plan on it being a Grocery store. UPDATE: Tareget has La Croix soda specials . stock up your fridge.

Arashi Ramen
Good Decent Ramen. No surprises. Just RAMEN. 8-12.00 dollars 7 min walk from Hotel. This particular strip mall has other eating venues. Curry house and a Chain Burger place called the Habit. it’s a burger place BUT they do have these Fried Green Beans though…YUM.

Yep. iHop. WHY? Because it will be late and no food around. People having a good time in the lobby. All of a sudden you are eating some homemade granola someone brought from Oregon and its not enough. YOU WANT MORE. I’m giving up another secret place. I escape here during the conference at Night. “where’s Nicholas? He’s always coming and going?!?” Nicholas is eating a BLT w/ Fries. veggie options too 24 HOURS
12 min walk.
Next to Chipotle same mall area as iHop
decent clean Burritos, salads, wraps. This is place is mutable in you create your own salad or burrito. SO if you have eating restrictions.. you can work it. 12 min walk OR the second location which is in the big Shopping mall to the right of the hotel 10 min walk.

Speaking of the shopping mall. There are many other food establishments. Click on the map.,-122.2586797,19z/data=!4m2!2m1!6e5

None in walking distance unless you like to walk long distances!
Here are some links:

Seafood City Supermarket 15 min walk
This is sort of close. I’m going there to scope the place out today. UPDATE: This supermarket is stocked with food. Food from different countries..Philippines, Asian etc etc. Several attendees who arrived early were happy with their experience.
SAFEWAY 40 min walk.
These are great options if you have a CAR or can afford rideshare.
The best Closest Organic grocery store to the Hotel. It’s also right next door to a Trader Joe’s
you will need a car for the 15 min drive. OR Use the Instacart Grocery delivery app!
I checked the zipcode for the hotel and they deliver in the area. You can shop from multiple grocery stores including the PCC. Understand you must be available'/present for the delivery at the hotel. Like ordering a pizza. Make one big order for the weekend. delivers food in the area. These apps have delivery fees!

12 min by CAR .
12 min by CAR
These shops do not deliver. YOU MUST HAVE LEGIT ID. Go easy. you really do not need much. OR….

Beverages and Spirits
Total Wine
6 min walk!! This place is stocked!! I like expensive Bubbles HINT HINT. Get there before they close at 10pm. You CAN NOT Officially drink with outside alcohol beverages in hotel. Use another glass or drinking container. Be cool about it. Go chill in your room and figure your drink situation out. Try a drinking vessel that is not see through. Wine keys are like gold at the conference. Maybe stop Target for cups? It’s on the way to Total Wine. Sorry Laura?!? ;)
BEVMO Similar to Total Wine . 7 min walk. In the same strip mall as the Ramen place. They close at 10pm.

Ok. I’m done for now. I might add more to this post in a few days. I know there are other places..tons more. You’ve seen them and researched. Share them! If you see me in the halls of NORWAC ask me questions and I will do my best to help you. Please understand I”m running around (working) and if I give quick answers…and Hand you a Gold coin..then RUN OFF. Just know you ran with the Wind for a brief second….

here is a song I listened to editing this post a second time:

Smell. See. Hear. Touch. Taste.

Many of us live busy lives. We have our own stories. Some Walk alone and have aspirations in their career part of their life. Actually it becomes their life . Many have children and families and do what they can to support that life. This has been a constant for a long time in our existence. Whatever Life we are living , here in the present.. in this Western technological revolution that's been happening for the last 50 years. We find ourselves running around with an infinite to do list. It never ends. it defines ourselves. Wishing we had more "time". Ones and zeros dominate our world. Has brought us advantages. And I will say disadvantages. In my client work and talking to to friends... And strangers.. I have seen how the disadvantages have played out. We are glued to screens. Glued to the apps and programs that have brought us some of those advantages but really have taken us away from our Natural interaction with our five senses. This is my opinion of course but HEAR me on this one.
We've entered the the birthday month of Taurus. Taurus who is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus who rules our senses and the harmonization of them. That's if our Senses are running optimally...
Go take a look at the title of my post again. We learn these words at a very young age at school. I want you to pretend that you're learning these words and the definitions behind them for the first time. After you do that I want you to try to experiment with each one of those words. You're doing one right now by the way. SEE.
But how pleasurable is that? Go through each one, each word and each sense.. Get off the phone or tablet or laptop... Smell the flowers... Smell the food cooking then TASTE it.... Smell the wind. Hear the music…Hear the Spring leaves…Touch the Ground…Touch your skin.. Re-engage and celebrate your senses my friends. Let them guide you. Lose yourself in the mysteries that your senses bring. It’s your Human Birth right. A Revolution.

Heard while scribing this post :

Sailing the Lost Seas of Communication

we’ve seen Planes Grounded. We have a President who has a past of not liking Boeing. Mr. Gemini President was waiting for a moment like this. Mercury Retrograde.
A complete shutdown of facebook and instagram today. “ Technical issues”. yes….It’s Mercury retrograde.
One of my favorite iOS music app companies can not get their new app approved by the Apple store. Is it a human decision or a algorithm? What have we created? Human and AI? which is which?
The day of the mercury station last week A video game company had to put a new game on hold because it was bricking Playstation 4’s. That day I received an email from a friend which was forwarded to me. There was no message. Asked him to send it again since there was nothing but the email addresses. After the 5th email he was frustrated as was I. Later he called me (old school) I told him and sent screen shots of the emails. no message body. Thats when he said there was NO message body , he was just sending so I could see the emails in the header. ???? mmm ok then. That’s Mercury Retrograde happening in the sign of Pisces. seeing Nothing and someone else seeing something else. Illusions. fantasy. run off sentences. unfinished thoughts. Plane mishaps. Things and Processes that deal from Point A to Point B…that are not flowing. REMEMBER this is a review process. after this Retrograde is done…think about what this review process is for and why.

One thing though..I’ve been making sounds on a synth and some apps. Losing myself for hours with Music. where does the time go when you are sailing lost seas? Where will one end up? Map? what map! Lets remember this day and degree in particular. 25 degrees Pisces. We will passover this degree again April 13th 2019.
In the Meantime (a great song by the band Helmet btw) We have Mercury with its merger with the Sun tomorrow March 14th. This is a day during the Retrograde cycle that can be used for clarity of thought and a healthy dose of losing form. of dream making. In the Heart of Sun..the Wings of mercury are burned to ashes. Pisces likes endings btw. You might not hear that from other astrologers. But it’s truth. The mystery that comes with losing ones self. or losing Wings…
April 2nd we have the second conjunction Of Mercury with Neptune at 17 degrees. Do me a favor that day:
find a writing utensil maybe some crayons and write yourself a love letter. TO YOU. I SEE YOU.

Song used to write this post :


We are in the Birthday month of Leo.

It is about self.  The Fire in our Hearts. How we wield that Fire.

what we Create

How we individually Shine.

Hence my first Official Blog post.  I'm Shining with the announcement of my website. I want to share my Shine with you through Session work and posts on this page. 

I'm offering 60 minute sessions for 80.00 the month of August 2017.

Let us move through the shadows and unleash your Shine!